Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Submit Content.....please!

In case you didn't know, musing is 100% me volunteering my time. And I'm not complaining! It's a great love of mine. But if I may, I'd like to ask for your help in finding content to post. I spend a lot of my time trying to find great artists to showcase, must see exhibitions, calls for entry, job postings, residency opportunities, workshops, conferences and all round fun clay related stuff. And I'd love to share more with my readers. So if you have something you'd like to share drop me a line at If you could add musing about mud to the subject line that would be a fantastic way to ensure you don't end up in my spam folder. 

Any content is applicable so long as it's got some clay in there somewhere. International submissions are encouraged. Artists, galleries, writers, collectors, you name it, you can all help out by sending me some cool stuff to post and share with my readers. 

I thank you in advance!


bpracticalpottery said...

You are amazing!
Your blog is such a valued resource of mine (I discovered the MMAQ residency through you years ago, applied and spent a month in Quebec refining some transfer tech. and finding some soul mates!... Amongst other endeavors you’ve brought to my attention). I can't imaging the amount of hours you spend sourcing relevant info.
Thank you for all your hard work!

carole epp said...

Thanks so much Bridget! But really you are the blogging queen, i wish i had the time to write and contemplate like you do - so inspiring. Thanks for all you do!

Mary Philpott said...

Hi Carole,
Here is a call for entry you may wish to post...if you have not already?

It is Blue line Ceramacom third annual ceramic show in California, which states that it is plates and totems, but I believe that content refers to last years show , and this years show is any ceramic wor, functional or sculptural.
Just thought you might want this info....
Mary Philpott

carole epp said...

Oh dear Mary! I just found your comment a few days to late : (
Too bad I missed this one completely. Next time would you kindly email the listing directly to

thanks so much,

richthepotter said...

i found this and anyone can submit work to it... its pretty cool